Carhuayno Falls

Yauyos Province, Peru

Yauyos is one of the provinces of Lima where mother-nature has been particularly generous. Between Huancaya and Vilca, the Cañete River forms a multitude of lakes and waterfalls through the forest. The Nor Yauyos-Cochas reserve, ranging from 2,500m to 5,700m in altitude, was created to preserve these magnificent landscapes and its small villages. Its most famous attraction is the Carhuayno Falls.

The Cañete River in this area forms beautiful emerald lagoons where trouts abound. Also ducks, coots and other Andean birds can be seen horses, llamas, cows and livestock. The whole area is dominated by the beauty of the Cañete River which capture the attention of the visitor.


It can get pretty cold at night, but the sunny days are very pleasant and warm. With the abundant water, the climate is ideal for the fauna and flora which is thriving in Nor Yauyos-Cochas. Green mountains, perfect blue sky, and turquoise water, multicoloured birds and flowers everywhere are not uncommon.


There are plenty of things to do around Carhuayno: trekking, hiking, sport fishing, mountain biking, mountaineering, ornithology, flower watching, camping and caving are all easily accessible.

How to get there

To get to Carhuayno you have to follow Panamerican South for 87 miles to Cañete, then take the detour to Lunahuaná, then take a smaller road that will take you to Vitis and Huancaya about 80 miles. It is advisable to use a four-wheel drive, as the road is not paved over the entire route.