Cenote Dzitnup

Yucatan, Mexico

The Cenote Dzitnup is is actually the name used to designate two cenotes, the X'Keken cenote and the Samula cenote, located in the same perimeter, and both are underground cenotes, typical of the region. They are quite different from those that can be visited in South Yucatan, especially in Tulum.

They are located on the outskirts of Valladolid. The cenotes are magnificent. Finally, once you get inside, you are simply dazzled! these are underground cenotes, with holes of light. For photo lovers, there is something to enjoy. They are impressive especially for their height.

The Cenote Dzitnup is very well equipped. There is a large car park, a reception and counters announcing all the possible options for visits. If you plan to stay here for a while, bring food and water because there's not much.