Cirque de Saint-Même

Chartreuse, France

The Cirque de Saint-Même, located at an altitude of 900 m, boasts landscapes of rare beauty for outdoor enthusiasts. In a green setting, one can enjoy the freshness of the four superb waterfalls dominated by an impressive amphitheatre of cliffs. The Cirque de Saint-Même is part of the Hauts de Chartreuse national nature reserve.

There's a total of four waterfalls dominated by 500 meters high limestone cliffs:

  • Cascade des Sources
  • Grande cascade
  • Grande Cascade
  • Pisse du Guiers

The water comes from the Guiers Vif underground springs, the historical border between the Dauphine and the Kingdom of Savoy, and currently delimits the two departments of Isère and Savoy.

A vast meadow at the bottom of the Cirque welcomes hikers to relax and picnic.

How to get here

You can access the site by a trail from Saint-Pierre d'Entremont: 4-hour round-trip itinerary (Saint Pierre d'Entremont - Cirque de St Même - waterfall trail, then back to St pierre d'Entremont). Bring good walking shoes and stay on the marked trails.

If you prefer a shorter walk, 2 marked hikes are available from the Cirque:

  • The bottom of the Circus and the waterfall "La pisse du Guiers" (30 min loop)
  • Waterfall trail (1h30 loop)

These two shorter walks departs form a car park open every day all year round but from May to September, during peak tourist periods, the number of visitors is regulated by the introduction of a paid car park :

From 30/04 to 10/06: Sundays and public holidays + May 7, 11 and 12 From 16/06 to 7/07: Saturdays and Sundays From 14/07 to 19/08: every day Also on Sundays, August 26, September 2 and 9.

3.50 € for a car or motorhome, 2 € for a motorcycle and 15 € for a car. Motorhomes are not allowed from 8pm to 8am.