Havasupai Falls

Arizona, United States of America

If there are heavenly places on Earth, Havasu Falls certainly belong to this category. Havasu Canyon and the turquoise blue waters of the Havasu Creek River, a tributary of Colorado whose route is punctuated by magnificent waterfalls and natural swimming pools that appeal for a swim.

Also known as Havasu Falls (Havasupai is their former name in Havasupai–Hualapai language). It is a 120 feet (37 meters) high waterfall located on the Havasu Creek River, a tributary of the Colorado River, in the Grand Canyon of Arizona, USA. The high concentration of calcium carbonate gives the water a blue-green colour

The spectacular waterfalls and remote community within the Havasupai Indian Reserve attract thousands of visitors each year. Havasupai are intimately linked to water and land. This blue-green water is sacred to the Havasupai. It flows not only across the country, but also through each member of the tribe. When you enter their land, you enter their house, their place of origin.

The area is managed by the Havasupai Indians and is not part of the Grand Canyon National Park.

How to get there

Access to this exceptional site, far from the main tourist attractions, is not easy. Apart from the helicopter, the site is only accessible by a 16 km hiking trail (one way!). But your efforts will be greatly rewarded by the magnificent landscapes you will cross and the magnificent spectacle of these waterfalls, unique in the American West. Hualapai Hilltop is the starting point for the hike to Havasupai Falls. Access to the Hilltop is via the section of Route 66 between Kingman and Williams. 6 miles east of Peach Springs, take Indian Road 18 northbound. You pass in front of Peach Springs Airport. After 60 miles (the road is paved in full) and after about one hour of driving, you will arrive at the Hualapai Hilltop car park.