Lake Aiguebelette

Savoy, France

The meaning of the name Aiguebelette is "Beautiful small waters". Indeed, the magnificent emerald green colour of the lake gives it a magical dimension of calm and serenity.

The smallest of the four lakes of Savoy is nestled in the valley of the Epine Mountain, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Loacated in a green moutain landscape, appealing to swimming, leisure, watersports and outdoor recreations.

Its banks and its flat turquoise waters are sublimed and its two small islands have remained very well preserved. Natura 2000 site, the lake has a remarkable ecosystem and protected natural areas.

9 beaches are arranged and supervised around Lake Aiguebelette where you can enjoy water activities, sports areas or on one of the 7 beaches of Lake Aiguebelette, the hottest in Europe, where the water temperature is on average 26° in summer!

Peaceful waters with multiple reflections, wide variety of aquatic fauna and flora, picturesque boathouses, small houses on stilts, enchanting islands... if Lake Aiguebelette is the smallest in size among the 4 large lakes of Savoy, it is also the most preserved and secret.

The small villages along the shores of Lake Aiguebelette, as well as the other villages scattered on the neighbouring hills, have kept their authentic character: there are many testimonies of rural life carefully restored in a particularly well-flowered setting.

Lake Aiguebelette is a private lake owned by the Rivérieulx de Chambost de Lépin family and Électricité De France, which have entrusted its management to the Communauté de Communes du Lac d'Aiguebelette. Its banks are divided between five riverside municipalities: Lépin-le-Lac, Novalaise, Nances, Saint-Alban-de-Montbel and Aiguebelette-le-Lac.

In order to preserve the quality of its waters and environment, motor boats have been prohibited on the lake since a decree of 19671.


  • Many marked hiking trails are accessible in all seasons and criss-cross the surroundings of the lake. They allow you to discover testimonies of local history and offer superb panoramas.
  • A privileged location for paragliding, the site has a take-off area on the Dent du Chat (Cat's Tooth) and a landing area at the Marais.
  • For mountain biking, a network of 150 km of marked trails runs through the surroundings of Lake Aiguebelette. Cycling enthusiasts will appreciate the bicycle path around the lake.