Lake Claret

Taillefer, France

This small mountain lake, about 150 meters long by 50 meters wide, is located at an altitude of 1701 meters in the municipality of La Morte, opposite the Alpe du Grand Serre ski resort. Although it is very easy to access, the fauna and flora are abundant but it is recommended not to venture too far around in order not to disturb the ecosystem.

A few steps away (about twenty meters) is a very basic refuge, a hut without doors or windows but rather spacious. Preferably for hot summer nights.

In the background, towards the south-east, we can see the Pyramid, the second highest point of the Taillefer massif at 2839 meters, the highest point being the Taillefer at 2857 meters. From north to west you can observe the Romanche valley.

Not to be confused with the other Lake Claret, about fifteen kilometers from there, on the Belledonne mountain range.

Fauna and Flora

The fauna and flora are rich on the shores of the lake, where you can find many mammals, insects and amphibians. Although a little more discreet, perhaps you can observe a smooth coronella (non-venomous snake). The Taillefer massif is also home to the boreal lynx, but it is very unlikely to encounter them on such an easily accessible route. Under the surface of the water many fish such as rainbow trout, fario trout and minnows,

Be careful, this area is a protection zone for the black grouse, an alpine bird that, although sociable, should not be disturbed. Indeed, the disturbance by hikers and skiers is its main factor of disappearance. When winter arrives, the black grouse builds an igloo, preferably in the powdery snow, in which it can spend whole days in order to save energy. But the slightest disturbance around his shelter makes him fly away, consuming precious calories.

How to get there

Access is very simple, well signposted and it is possible to park in free car parks. In winter the road is closed because it is snow-covered but it is possible to use it, snowshoes or skis recommended. Once on the hiking trail, there is still a lot of signage and all you have to do is follow the signs that lead to the lake.

It is also possible to make a "lakes loop" passing through Lake Punay, Lac du Poursollet and Lac Fourchu.