Lake Freydières

Belledonne, France

More than just a lake, Freydières is a meeting point. At the crossroads of the hamlet of Freydières, the end of the paved road, La Gelinotte restaurant and the starting point of many hiking trails (one of them leading to Lake Crozet).

The lake is located on the the Belledonne mountain range overlooking the Grésivaudan valley from a vantage point at 1138 meters (3730 feet).

Going around the lake can be done through scattered trails in the surrounding fir forest. It can take 5 minutes but could as well be a nice 30 minutes stroll with kids and family.

The site is well equipped with multiple trash bins and picnic tables all around the lake. Traces of fires on the grounds can be seen, suggesting people coming here for barbecues on evenings although I do not know if fire are allowed or forbidden, please refer to the multiple signs on the parking nearby.

Between people coming to the lake for a short walk, those coming to eat and drink at La Gelinotte restaurant and hikers looking to relax a bit after their excursion, the place is very lively on weekends, all year long as many also go cross-country skiing in winter.

There are events on summer nights. Once could be seen a live music show with a piano in the middle of the lake propelled by biking musicians on the floating platform !

The nearby restaurants (La Gelinotte and Le Chalet de Freydières) are very relaxing and serves good local foods in a nice mountaineering atmosphere. There are outdoor tables and occasionally live music. La Gelinotte is closest to the lake, about 15 meters (50 feet) away while Le Chalet de Freydières has a better view on the Vallée du Grésivaudan below and is a better place to enjoy the sunset.

There are fishes in the lake but fishing is allowed only for fishing licence holders.

How to get there

Coming on the A41 highway, either north, form Chambéry or south, from Grenoble : take exit 25 follow the signs leading to the neighboring town of Domène. Form Domène, follow Revel and once at the town of Revel you will see the "Lac de Freydières" (Freydières lake) signs which you can of course follow until you arrive at the parking, that's the end of the road anyway so you will know once you get there. Technically there are still gravel roads but only allowed to National Forest Office staff.