Le Chaudron waterfall

Réunion, France

The Chaudron waterfall is located in the heights Saint-Denis capital of La Réunion.

It is an impressive waterfall that flows into a blue pool at the bottom of a deep canyon. The topography of the site is known to be dangerous, with recurrent rock falls.

It is strongly discouraged to go there after heavy rains and swimming is prohibited. Located on the Chaudron ravine, the waterfall supplies part of Saint-Denis with drinking water.

How to get there From Saint-Denis, go up towards Bretagne which is to be crossed. 500 meters after the end of the town, turn right onto Chemin de Bois Rouge. Continue 600 meters then go up to the left in the Chemin des Fougères.

The waterfall trail starts on the right, 300 meters above, behind a telephone booth.

The narrow path that winds between the huts reminds you that the city of Saint-Denis is very close. Then it enters a denser vegetation and follows the ravine with a view of the river at the bottom.

Follow the pipeline that supplies water to the Brittany district. At the first junction, follow the lower path. Ten minutes later, the pipe sinks into a small tunnel about 50 meters long, you may need a flashlight.

The trail continues on the cliffside, but fences secure dangerous areas, so be careful. In the distance appears the Chaudron waterfall. To access it, all you have to do is cross a small dam and then climb up on the rocks across. The Blue Pool is then at your feet and awaits you for a refreshing swim.

Return by the same route.