Tamolitch blue pool

Oregon, United States of America

The McKenzie River, home of the Tamolitch Falls flows during spring. Five miles downstream of Clear Lake, the falls was made long a ago by a lava stream.

It used to be a way bigger waterfall but the McKenzie River has changed course and part of it now runs underground from a few kilometers upstream. The fall is active only part of the year when there is enoguh wate. Otherwise it is only a pool without waterfall. The water is not stagnating even when the waterfal is inactive. New water comes form the ground, through the rocks.

This site is one of a kind, first because it is uncommon to see what there is behind a waterfall (when it is totally dry) and also because of the incrdedible shades of the water. This is one of the primary things you'll see. The topaz shade of the water makes it alost look like it is glowing, a bit like windshield fluid. The water is so clear that it looks very shallow, yet closer review will uncover that in numerous places it is more than 10 meters deep. So crystal clear that you'd think the water wasn't moving.

On hot sumer days, the cascade is a beloved spot for jumping. (The water can be extremely cold and please be careful to check the depth first).

How to get there: There are two ways to come at the pool. From upstream you can walk from Carmen Smith Reservoir at about 4.8 kilometers. Or if you come from downstream, you can hike 3.2 kilometers up from Trailbridge Reservoir.