Valle Verzasca

Ticino, Switzerland

Of all the valleys in Ticino, the Verzasca Valley is undoubtedly the most mesmerizing: the bottom of the valley is ideal form romantics while the source is perfect for adventurers.

Verzasca's green magic: the emerald green waters of the river meander through a cliff landscape. Arriving in Lavertezzo, the river flows under the bucolic double bridge of Ponte dei Salti. Go down into the river and you will discover a bed of stones and natural pools. Along the Sentierone to Brione, Suvres d'art are exhibited in front of the walkers. Do not resist the urge to take a bath, it would be an unforgivable mistake, because nowhere else is there a more romantic place. Adrenaline lovers will not miss the Lago di Vogorno at the entrance to the valley, as it is from the Verzasca dam that James Bond bungee jumps 220 metres. Let his fans follow him: the "007 bungee jump" lasts exactly 7.5 seconds. This is worth a refreshing swim in Lake Maggiore.

Arrived at Lavertezzo we discover the Pont dei Salti. Nicknamed the "Roman Bridge", this pretty double-arch bridge is a delight for the eyes in such a landscape... but has nothing Roman about it. It is not uncommon to see bold people throwing themselves into the water from the bridge (it seems that the depth of the river is 5 meters). You can also admire it from Lavertezzo, it is there that the viewpoint is the most beautiful, Impossible not to be charmed by such a panorama!

How to get there: Access to the river is indicated in several places. Since 2013, parking in the valley has been regulated with the Verzasca Parking Card. This daily (10 fr.) or weekly (30 fr.) pass is available at many information points, kiosks, restaurants, tourist offices and even on the Internet. The Verzasca Parking Card allows parking in 33 areas scattered along the Verzasca and also includes a pocket card of the valley with tourist information.