Froda waterfall

Ticino, Switzerland

A few steps from the village of Sonogno, the last hamlet of the Verzasca Valley served by a road, the Froda waterfall is accessible in a few minutes walk (~15 min) from the town square. Stairs and a wooden pontoon allow you to approach a few meters from the foot of the waterfall, which crashes into a pool about 50 meters in diameter where you can probably swim but the water is cold even in summer. Benches and even a wooden deck chair have been installed to comfortably enjoy this moment of freshness.

Other activities

The village of Sonogno is also worth a visit, which will be quick since it has 90 inhabitants on 11 hectares (28 acres). Its old stones will delight photographers.

On the way to the waterfall, you will come across a restaurant that will makes you want to stop there, with a good reputation and located in an exceptional setting, the Grotto Efra (see links below).

There are many other walks to do in the area, some by the day, others over several days. Mountain shelters can be used for overnight stays. Everything is indicated on the signs of the village car park (see pictures opposite).

How to get there

The car park is located a hundred meters before the village, it is the only place where it is possible to park legally and it is not free, as in the rest of the Verzasca valley. About 9€ for a day. From the car park, go to the village, where the waterfall is indicated. On the left when you arrive on the village square, it is impossible to be mistaken. From there, the path is wide, well maintained and almost flat. The waterfall is 50 meters higher than the village. The return journey is the same way.